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for Veterinary X-Ray Operators

  • Have your staff radiograph ready in a fraction of the time and cost of other available courses.  
  • One time certification carries throughout one's career with no need for renewal.
  • Students get lifetime access to the educational content. 


Self-Paced Certification Course is HERE!

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Whether you're looking for technical training for an individual or team, now you can access a multitude of content when it is convenient for you.  There are also tons of handouts, infographics, and other educational resources for your busy veterinary practice.   This is a great resource for the busy Veterinary Practice Manager or Team Leader. 

Join the Veterinary Team Leadership Group to access recorded webinar and workshops on various topics including:

  • Radiology Safety Review 

  • Proper Radiographic Technique

  • Anesthesia & Recovery Basics 

  • Veterinary CPR- VECCS Recover Initiative

  • Hands-free Radiography

Highly Qualified Educator, Meet Mel.

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That is why we are passionate about making learning fun!  

Our primary educator, Mel Bocchichio, CVT, CCFP, M.S. has 24 years of experience in Emergency & Specialty Veterinary Medicine as well as a passion for & history of supporting veterinary professionals by inspiring continued learning and growth.  

Mel created this space, not only to provide educational content for budding veterinary team members, but also to support other qualified, experienced veterinary professionals in sharing their specific knowledge & skills set.  She has a vision of a vibrant online community and storehouse of educational content with a variety of contributors.  


Compassion Fatigue Coaching

Whatever your role is in the veterinary setting, whether a doctor, nurse, assistant, client service, or administration, we can all experience the emotional & spiritual strain as a result of the work we do helping others.  Compassion fatigue can result when we have experienced vicarious traumatization and burnout from our work.  If left unchecked it can wreak havoc on our physical and emotional health, preventing us from being effective caregivers.  My goal is to bring light to this highly important topic and give you the tools to become your most resilient self, so you can continue to go out there and provide the best patient care.

Pulling from a loaded toolkit including Veterinary Training and Mentoring, Reiki Energy Healing, Kundalini and Forrest Yoga, Breath work, Dream work, and Jungian Depth Psychology, I am confident in guiding you out of the darkness and uncovering your most luminous self.

Find out if working one on one with a Certified Master Jungian Life Coach can help you to develop resiliency against the negative effects of a career in caregiving, so that you can continue to do the good work you set out to do - providing quality patient care.  

1:1 & Group Coaching Programs

Access private or small group coaching programs and receive on-going support in the Mighty Network Community.  In addition to FREE Monthly Compassion Fatigue Support Calls, participants can access a library of self-care tips & techniques, emotional & psychological supports, and personal guidance by joining the coaching groups.  

The Burnout To Brilliance Program is a 3 month group coaching program aimed at moving burned out veterinary professionals into a more vibrant, aligned, and brilliant state of being.  This is an intimate group experience of transformation that will leave you feeling capable, confident, and caring.  

The next group launches in June! 

1:1 Coaching is available in a 3 month or 6 month package and can begin anytime you are ready! 

 For the recovering people pleasers & wounded healers, recenter in your personal truth, align with your truest desires, & connect with your inner wisdom to bring your full multi-dimensional creative power into this waking world.  Live the life you are meant to live, not the one society has presented you.  You are here to make a generative impact on the world with your beautiful unique gifts in only the way you can.  Let's take a deep dive into the unconscious to harness your incredible life force for your most vibrant & potent life.

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